Three Hundred and Fifty Three Paws

Dear Toddler Brother,

Hi there big kid. I’d ask you how your day is going, but you’re snoozing right now. You seemed to have a fairly good morning. There was that later blip when a lot of feelings were had, and then calmed, and then had some more. It’s nice when you’re able to express yourself and get it all out though now isn’t it? I like to get my feelings out by running around the back yard, shaking my toys about, and walking with the family in the neighborhood. It’s my best dog life at it’s peak when it is sunny and we’re walking. I’m crossing my paws for that to happen later on today.

Mama just looked at me, she’s so funny. I don’t think she realizes that I’m doing my best to send this blog wording to her without making doggy human eye contact. Don’t get me wrong, I love the mama, but sometimes, I just want to be in my world and for her to just channel the words. Do you remember how we share the best parts of our day at suppertime? I like doing that. You always ask every family member about their days, after you share about your day LDB. Today, thus far I would say that the best part of my day was when you came over and gave me really gentle pets and told me that you loved me. I really appreciated that token of joy. Thanks buddy. Meet me at the red slide!



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Bed cuddles.

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