Three Hundred and Fifty Two Paws

 Dear Brothers,

Hi lil ones. I’m snoozing on the couch, once again. You’re getting really strong IRB. You rolled into me the other night before bedtime and you grabbed my hair. I wasn’t startled by this, but I did know that a tiny human’s hands were on me. I love you, but please, leave my hair in it’s place. I lose so much of it all around the house. You could have your pick of that don’t you think? Ha, well maybe not, on second thought, that doesn’t sound particularly great. On an unrelated paw, we’re back to the gray skies and dreariness of our tropical not tropical land. I wish I knew where the sunshine was hiding! It’d be great to have a bit of it each day. Who knows, maybe it will return at some point. I’m hoping for some sunshine for my walk later today. I miss feeling the warmth on my back as we’re out as a full pack family. I love you tiny ones.



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Sunshine spring views.

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