Three Hundred and Forty Nine Paws

Dear Brothers,

Hello! Kimmy here reporting for blog duty. It’s a sun shiny day that is bringing us joy. You both were lucky duckies and went on a walk with mama so that you could soak up some sunshine and IRB could take a walk nap. “Walking nap,” is a funny phrase. I think it means it’s an oxymoron, but whatever the case may be, it’s funny none the less. I was quite pleased to find out that the sun would be shining because it feels like it has been days and days of rain and gray cloudy skies.

LDB you told me all about your walk up the road, the puddle splashes, the neighbors, and all of the hello greetings you provided to everyone. I like to see you choose to be friendly and kind. You practice with me every day. Did you know that? Every day you feed me breakfast and dinner. You scoop my food into the bowl, you tell me what I’m going to eat, and you give me some loving pats and then gently close the door so I can have quiet and eat my foods. I really appreciate that. Thank you brother. I’ll be back later to report more from our day. Off to our dream land. See you soon!



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“I love you buddy, you’re my tiniest human friend.”

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