Three Hundred and Forty Eight Paws

Dear Brothers,

It’s been a long day my little ones. Our morning nap was on the go without me so I had to make do with snoozing in multiple spots until you returned home. Sometimes I worry about you all if you leave the house without me. We are normally all together, all of the time, which I love because we’re a pack or I mean a family. I love you both so much, so I expect that you all feel the same way, which I know that you do.

One of my favorite things from our day was when you gave me hugs LDB and IRB called for me, that was pretty cool. I also would like to clarify a couple of things tiny one, when I am on the couch, and napping, I will not hop down and do the pet/lick/Kimmy entertain you thing. I will however jump down and intercede if mama or daddy don’t hop to it. I like to “hop,” and I am so quick on my feet that I can, “get to ya,” in a pretty quick sweep or swoosh, which ever word you find more interesting.

Well, as I was saying, it’s been a long day, “Been a long, been a long, been a long daaaaaaay!” That was me entertaining myself with the song from, “How to Succeed in Business,” mama and daddy sing that after long days. I agree with it, it’s been a looooooong, day.”



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Faithful companions.

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