Three Hundred and Twenty Nine Paws

Dear IRB,

Little bear baby, how are you doing? It’s one of those rainy days where I just want to tuck my paws and tail into a ball and sleep all day. Oh wait a minute, that’s what I am doing anyway! Hahaha, my paws tell me that I am funny. Mama tells me that too. What can I say, I’m a funny doggy! I break out the funnies whenever I need a little bit of a chuckle to keep my spirits up. This is especially the case when it’s rainy with dark skies and no walk afternoons.

I get out and romp around the house with you and brother though. We had a play session outside yesterday as well, but I wasn’t really feeling up for a race around the grass. Sometimes the mud feels delightful underneath my paws while other times, not so much. It all depends on my mood and my doggy spirits. We were reading, “Clifford, I love you,” and I was curious about the part when Clifford is feeling blue. Emily Elizabeth comes up with a song just for her pup and I was thinking, maybe you could write a song for me?

Currently, my name is hard for you to pronounce, tiny brother, but I do know that one day you’ll say it. So for the time being, “Mama, mama, while you’re writing this for me, could you please file away a song request? Thanks so much.”  In other news, it’s nap time for you both. Have good dream-ies,



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Just me and my pal!

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