Three Hundred and Twenty Eight Paws

Dear LDB, 

Happy Hanukkah brother! Golly, it feels like just the other day we were celebrating Hanukkah and IRB was in momma’s belly. Time really does seem to fly by. Mama has said, “The days can be long, but the years are short,” this feels like it rings true for you and your brother. I love you both so much that sometimes I close my eyes and I still see you standing there petting my ears after you’ve stepped away.

We have all three menorahs on the counter and the spinning toys too, oh yeah, the dreidles. Tonight daddy was preparing for making the tasty potato pancakes called latkes. I was so excited about the food that I rushed around beneath his feet again and again, however, I have the keen ability to trip momma and daddy if I’m not careful, or if they are not careful. I ran after daddy when he brought momma a latke to try. I really thought he was going to give me a taste too, but alas, I was not given a morsel. I checked the floor and cleaned up the remnants of the food in the kitchen. The house still smells like oil and latkes, but that is the point of the making of this human food isn’t it? The oil reminds us of the miracle itself: nes gadol haya sham. “A great miracle happened there.” I listen well to the stories now don’t I? I love you brothers. May the light of the menorah’s candles illuminate the light within us all. 



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Quick outside kisses from the dog.

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