Two Hundred and Twenty Five Paws

Dear World aka Tiny Humans,

Mama was singing this song the other night when you came out of the bath Irving, “I’ve got the whole world in my hands, I’ve got the whole world in my hands, I’ve got the whole world in my hands, I got the whole world in my hands!” I liked the tune or melody that she was using too. You seemed to like it too baby boy, although you were all swaddled up in a towel with a hood like a baby burrito in the post bath mode. I love it when you’re all swaddled up. You’re a sweet little squishy toed babe. I get my licks in as mama puts you into the towel.

Other times, I lay outside of the bathroom doors waiting to see my puppies after they are finished with their baths. Y’all are the cutest post-bath babies. What could be cuter than that, my dear readers may I ask…? Matching pajama babies, that’s what! We had matching Halloween jammies for you from the Grammie and we will have matching Hannukah jammies next! Although, wait a minute, does that mean I have to wear jammies too mama? Hold on a second with this blog, “Mama, are you listening to me? I want you to know that I love the puppy brothers in pajamas, not myself, ok now that that’s all cleared up, back to the blog.” I loved seeing you both in your cute pajamas. We took pictures on the comfy couch and I sniffed you both to make sure that you were ready and feeling secure. I hear daddy playing the piano and mama just reset the dryer to drown out the noise of the music for you LDB. I better find my second nap position. I love you,



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Up close and personal paws.

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