Two Hundred and Twenty Six Paws

Dear Little Brothers,

Guess what day it is? It’s the first day of Hanukkah! Did you know that already? I think I heard mama and daddy saying something about this while I was pretending to nap on the couch this morning. You were reading all of our Hanukkah books to Grandma Sara on the phone today. Sometimes I choose to get in the middle of the conversation with a quick, “walk by and lick.”

You might be wondering what I’m talking about so let me explain: I walk by one of you baby boys and I lick whatever part of you is closest: eyes, ears, head, neck, you know whatever I can get my tongue on and then I saunter away all casual. I just want Grandma to see me and to say hi to her. I love our Grandma’s too and I need to let them know as well.

Now, back to the holiday at paw, oops I mean, at hand…I’m super excited. I wonder what new books, jammies, and or items you might receive. I love watching the candles burn and standing super close to get morsels of latkes and sugar cookies that drop onto the floor. Hmmm. I wonder when we’ll start all the cooking. You made some sugar cookie dough this morning so hopefully we can bake and eat them after our naps. I love you dudes. 



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