Two Hundred and Sixty Five Paws

Dear Brother,

It’s back to the liquid sunshine days for us! We are super grateful to see the rain though. After all of the intense smoke, we’re happy to see fast moving clouds of gray rain fill the sky, now aren’t we? You had a stellar morning romp with mama and your brother. The three of you went on a puddle adventure to find good splashing zones. I watched for you three out the front window to make sure you were safe.

It’s all well and good that you’re with mama, but truly I should be there to investigate for your sake. The humans watch for things with their sense of sight, but I utilize my sense of smell, (which we have been over before), and I find it necessary to declare what I smell because I pick up a great many things through my nostrils. You stomped around in every single puddle that you could find along the way, and you saw two trucks: the garbage truck and the recycling truck. You told me all about your trip along the road and the sidewalk. It sounded quite eventful. Irving to a nap-o on the mama and drooled quite a bit. I drool too, so from one drooler to another, drool on baby! I gotta get my drool on right now. I am quite cozy on the couch with two puffy blankets to keep me warm.



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Photo flashback to tiny LDB.

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