Two Hundred and Sixty One Paws

Dear Brothers,

Can we just take a moment and breathe in the blue sky and sunshine. We have been so grateful to see it return here in Oregon after such a long eight plus days of gray smokey skies. It was so smokey that mama and dada called the outside world, “looking at the world through brown sephia.” I’m not sure what all of that means exactly, but I do know that it was definitely a strange smell and I was worried about our bird and squirrel friends. Those small creatures were not romping and flying around as much. They began to return and come outside at around seven days of smoke, but now things feel a little bit more like home in our yard again.

You both went on a walk to the field with mama this morning. We had a little romp race in the back yard and then you were whisked off for your adventure. You walked all the way to the field, all around the field, up hills, and down, through leaves, branches, brambles, and grass. I smelled your shoes closely and you told me about it a little bit Leo. Thank you for filling me in. I think Irving snoozed most of the walk with you both. He tends to do that on walks. I mean, who could blame him? He’s close to mama’s heart beat, he’s warm, he’s cozy, and he gets sleepy every ninety minutes. Come to think of it, so do I… get sleepy that is. I’ve been finding solace in small things lately. Particularly during the quarantine within the quarantine as the big human’s say. I loved getting outside for mini-romps. I enjoyed our car drives and snacks together too. I began playing more with my inside toys and racing around the carpeted areas with you buddy. Thank you for including me in your play time and racing around so that we could, “Have FUN!” as you like to say. 



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Garden hunt paws.

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