Twenty five paws

Dear Leo,

This morning you woke up a little bit early, but you fell back asleep, so I did too. That was nice, but then momma was calling me from upstairs telling me to come see you, she just doesn’t get it sometimes. I saw you in our dream…parents. When we went on our walk I was super duper happy, but you cry-cried a few times because I have figured out that it is hard for you to transition or change from one thing that we do to the next. I used to feel that way too. I would run around the yard again, and again, and again, and again, you get the idea, until I felt like coming back to momma and daddy. But now, for the most part, I come when they call me because I have to set a good example for you baby.

So, what were we talking about, oh yeah, the walk! I was super excited-s to go on a walk and you were not because you needed to play more outside with the thing on the wheels that I don’t like. So we played more, and then we came inside which was upsetting to you, I’m sorry Leo. I knew you would like our walk once we got going though! You held onto momma’s keys the whole time, but then you tried to eat them and that was a very doggy thing to do. You must have gotten that from me! Here’s to chewing on things, spotting na-ni-na’s aka squirrels and me chasing them! I love you!



Patiently waiting

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