Two paws

Dear Leo,

Today I accidentally bumped into you when I was excited to go get the ball outside in our yard. Sorry little dude. I didn’t mean to make you fall and whap you into the ground. I felt bad, and that’s why I gave you the ball.  Sometimes you make me feel frustrated dog feelings when I have to chase you to get the ball. I mean, come on little guy, just throw the ball. You’re getting to be a really smart human. You even knew where the ball was when we went outside! That would have take me a whole five minutes to have sniffed it out, but nope, not with Leo by my side. You were all, “BAHHHHHH ba-ba-baaaaaaa!” Which we all know means ball. 

I love you little guy. Thanks for playing ball with me, even after I bumped into you, sometimes. 




When you let me lick your oatmeal banana hands this morning, it made me feel really happy inside. Thanks baby! 

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