Three Hundred and Eighty Six Paws

Dear Brothers,

Spring is here and summer is next! Our garden is growing right before our eyes. We have tulips and daffodils that are springing up. One of the daffodils has progressively bloomed more and more each day. I like to walk over to it and touch the tip of my nose to the soft curled petals. Sometimes I sniff or inhale, but mostly I nose, “boop,” it. I love to watch things grow, as do you LDB and IRB.

Mama and daddy encourage us to talk to our garden. We say things like, “Grow, grow, grow plants! Or wow, keep growing!” I say that to each of you when we say good night. I’m not sure if you both get the message, but I like to think that you do when I lean in and push my body up against yours, or if I’m able to get in a little lick kiss. I love you both so much. You keep growing and growing. IRB you’ve been very interested in my paws, nails, and legs lately. Occasionally I’m alright with the touches on my paws. Other days, I am not so fond of leg pulls, so I get up and walk away slowly to make sure that you’re still sitting or pushing up safely. I appreciate all of the attention, however, just like what mama has said, “Let’s let Kimmy’s paws be little one.”



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Heart buddies.

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