Four Hundred and Nineteen Paws

Dear LDB,

Hey there! Thanks for your letter brother. Some days I just really need a pick me up and that was the perfect up of picks, I mean pick me up. Where does that figure of speech come from? I’m a bit confused when it comes to all of these funny sayings in the English language. Who knows where anything comes from these days? What I do know is that, I like when people share their ideas, and their food, and most of all their love. Those are the things that truly matter. Wouldn’t you agree? I know that you do.  You talk a lot about kindness and listening to words that other human beings say. I listen to you and I try to be kind with my paws too. Speaking of paws, I think I might go and play with one of my chew toys. The toys help me get out my feelings and relax with a little bit of chewing time.



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Quick tongue kiss for mama.

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